Winter 22’ Part II featuring Sumnlite

The idea to include our homie Sumnlite, occurred during a beat battle in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We were both there supporting a mutual friend.

I arrived during the second round, late as usual. Sumnlite strolled in shortly after. We greeted each other during the intermission. He complemented the jeans I was wearing (which happened to be the sample used for this shoot).

An idea sparked. 

We’ve been looking for like minded individuals with a voguish sense of style. Sumnlite fit our criteria and the energy between both parties has always been solid.

The day of the shoot arrives, and of course it’s snowing. When just 24hrs ago it was 60 degrees & sunny. 

F*@k me right. 

We decided to use the snow to our advantage. Creating what we called “grungy scenic” shots. The shoot flowed naturally. Organic conversion and genuine laughter, is a formula that never fails. 

Be sure to tap in with Sumnlite’s music & activities on twitch.

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