Winter 22’ collection inspiration ft. Icerocks +

The past two years have been harsh for the bulk of us. Losses, hardships, health scares. The list goes on. Through these tough times, more likely than not. It’s the simple things that have keep us afloat. Simple pleasures. Such as a slice of pizza, the Knicks being kinda good, or just a photoshoot with friends on a frozen lake for the first time.

The same way these tough times keep us apart, they bring us together. They help us figure out who’s really on our team. For our first release of 2022, we wanted to focus on the simpler things. Simple yet important, like the details in quality. Including a community of individuals that have always had an open seat on our squad. 

The inspiration for this shoot stemmed from the classic 90’s film, ‘The Sandlot’. Not only for the obvious baseball themed designs featured is this release, but for the examples of long lasting friendships. 

We decided to keep the camera work all in house, due to the location details ( 2hr drive, homies basement, ah Covid, to name a few). Normally a nervous decision, but this felt different. Once we arrived, we took a second to stretch our legs & warm up. It started to feel like by putting this together, we sparked a small family reunion.

While sewing, rolling up, recording & taking pictures all simultaneously. I started to tune into the separate conversations being had. The camaraderie these gentlemen had, was reminiscent of what the boys in the film grew to have. 

By the time we finished the shoot, the struggles & frozen fingers seemed worth while. The shots came out great, no one fell through the ice, we didn’t play a stitch of baseball, but memories were made nonetheless. 

This release features by far our highest quality piece to date. The collection includes the following;

  • ‘In the outfield’ varsity jacket- $300
  • ‘NY’ hoodie & sweatpants- $115 & $110
  • ‘SE’ snapbacks- $40
  • ’In the outfield’ fitted hat & snapback- $65 & $40

This collection is now available online & in-store. Let’s us know which piece is your favorite in the comments, and above all else. Make memories with good people. 

⬆️ Click the photo above to check out some of the footage from the shoot! ⬆️


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02 February, 2022


Jacket is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 definitely pullin up for 1

02 February, 2022


Really love the jackets

02 February, 2022


Love moments like these: a blend of nostalgia for the past and excitement for the future that can only be shared with the Day Ones. SneakEZ my favorite store in NYC, keep the heat coming!

02 February, 2022


Love this. That jacket is amazing!

02 February, 2022


Love this, story hits home

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